KCETLink's Season Finale of its Original Series, "City Walk" Explores the NASCAR Track Walk, D.C. Neighborhood Tour and More

BURBANK, CALIF. - Nov. 19, 2013 - The season finale of KCETLink's

original multi-media series, City Walk,

explores America from the skies above Camarillo, Calif. to a racetrack in

Fontana, Calif. and straight to Washington D.C. airing on KCET Nov. 21, 2013 at 10:30 p.m. and nationally on Link TV Nov. 28 at

5:30 p.m. PST.
City Walk continues

to reveal how walking is transforming cities across America while re-connecting

viewers to their bodies, civic values and public space.


To start, viewers will make a pit stop at a NASCAR speedway in Fontana,

where intrepid fans take a walk on the wildside by strolling across the

racetrack. This unique journey is a rush you can only get on your own two feet.


The episode will also explore the measures in which neighborhoods have

evolved. Viewers go on a virtual walking tour in the nation's capital, where

they see firsthand the many innovations taking place on the streets and

sidewalks to make them more pedestrian-friendly. 


What happens when hundreds of people gather

in our nation's capital to exchange ideas, share solutions and dream about a

reimagined America, where everybody walks? In this segment, viewers will get a

behind-the-scenes look at the very first Walking Summit in Washington, D.C., a

new event that is paving the path for a more walkable future for everyone.


Zooming through the skies of Camarillo, viewers experience a thrilling and

innovative way of walking. While some people prefer sidewalk or trails, one man

takes another route by hiking two miles high in the sky and freefalling to the

ground at 120 miles per hour... feet first!


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