KCET's 'SoCal Connected' Earns 12 Nominations For 62nd Los Angeles Area Emmy® Awards

KCET Also Receives Nomination for Annual Holiday Celebration

SoCal Connected
Los Angeles - June 24, 2010 - KCET, public television for Southern and Central California, earned a total of 13 nominations for the 62nd Los Angeles Area Emmy® Awards. The station's award-winning weekly news program, SoCal Connected, received 12 nominations. An additional nomination went to the 50th Annual Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration, which broadcast live on KCET.
The winners will be announced at the 62nd Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards presentation on Saturday evening, July 31, 2010 at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood.
In the category of Crime/Social Issues, SoCal Connected received a nomination for the Peabody Award-winning episode focusing on marijuana. The episode included "Cannabis Cowboys," an insider's look at the campaign to destroy marijuana crops grown on public lands by drug cartels, and an investigation into the unbridled proliferation of illegal pot dispensaries across the city of Los Angeles. SoCal Connected also received nominations in the categories of Feature Segment, Information Segment, Outstanding Non-News Writer, Outstanding Non-News Editor and Outstanding Non-News Videographer (Single Camera). A complete list of KCET's nominations with links to segments is below.

"KCET is extremely proud of our nominees," says Executive Producer Bret Marcus, a 16-time Emmy-winning news producer who also serves as KCET's Senior Vice President of Programming and Production. "SoCal Connected has one of the best news teams in the business, and our goal is bring viewers in-depth stories and investigations that make a difference in the lives of Southern Californians." 

Recently described as the "60 Minutes of the West" by Los Angeles Times columnist and SoCal Connected correspondent Steve Lopez, SoCal Connected covers the economy, healthcare, the environment and local issues.

SoCal Connected
is made possible through the generous support of The Ahmanson Foundation, serving the Los Angeles community since 1952; Jim and Anne Rothenberg; Maddocks-Brown Foundation; The Elizabeth Hofert-Dailey Trust; The John Randolph Haynes & Dora Haynes Foundation; The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, UCLA and U.S. Bank.

"Cannabis Cowboys" "¢ KCET
Rick Wilkinson, Producer; Karen Foshay, Producer; John Larson, Reporter; Judy Muller, Reporter; Marcos Villatoro, Commentator; Val Zavala, Anchor; Bret Marcus, Executive Producer; Justine Schmidt, Senior Producer; Alexandria Gales, Associate ProducerFEATURE SEGMENT"Behind the Big Top" "¢ KCET
Rick Wilkinson, Producer; Val Zavala, Anchor; Bret Marcus, Executive Producer; Justine Schmidt, Senior Producer; Alberto Arce, Editor; Brett Wood, Camera

"Graffiti Gone Gallery" "¢ KCET
Vicki Curry, Producer; Vince Gonzales, On-Camera Talent

"The Year of Living Dangerously" "¢ KCET
Karen Foshay, Producer; Angie Crouch, Reporter

"Is Anybody Listening?" "¢ KCET
Karen Foshay, Producer; John Larson, Reporter; Bret Marcus, Executive Producer; Justine Schmidt, Senior Producer; Tom Tanquary, Camera

"Hung Out to Dry" "¢ KCET
Karen Foshay, Producer; Judy Muller, Reporter; Lata Pandya, Associate Producer

"Young and Uninsured" "¢ KCET
Angela Shelley, Producer; Michael Bloecher, Editor; Christal Smith, Associate Producer

"A Soldier's Story" "¢ KCET
Karen Foshay, Producer; Tom Tanquary, Camera; Val Zavala, Reporter

"Cutting Back on the Bling" and "Attention Deficit Disorder" "¢ KCET
Brian Unger; Commentator

"Is Anybody Listening?" and "Cannabis Cowboys" "¢ KCET
John Larson, Reporter

Michael Bloecher, Editor

Brett Wood, Videographer


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