SoCal Connected Special Report: Egypt on the Edge

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Anchor Val Zavala and a distinguished panel discussed the situation in Egypt during a SoCal Connected Special Report: "Egypt on the Edge."
In commenting on the possibility of Egypt falling into chaos should Hosni Mubarak step down and leave the country, UCLA Law Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl said, "the country is in chaos because of Muburak...When Muburak says he wants to leave, it is such a blatantly idiotic statement that I really don't think anyone takes it seriously... Mubarak helps a whole network of people who parasitically rely on him being in power.." 
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Pictured on the set of "Egypt on the Edge" are (L-R): SoCal Connected's Anchor Val Zavala and Correspondent Brian Rooney, also of ABC News; UCLA Law Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl, and Andrew Lih, USC Annenberg Director of New Media. 
Andrew Lih, USC Annenberg Director of New Media explained that the educated, tech-savvy young adults in Egypt "feel there aren't a lot of avenues inside of Egypt to be entrepreneurial..."