Space Racers

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Space Racers is a new, original, half-hour animated series for preschoolers that follows young space cadets at the Stardust Space Academy as they soar through the Solar System. Young viewers will learn about the power of scientific investigation and observation, the wonders of space exploration, and the importance of working together as a team, all with fun and engaging characters they can relate to.

The world of the Space Racers comes vividly to life in each of our 26 episodes through stunning computer-generated imagery (CGI) and actual images from NASA missions. Stories tap into children's curiosity to discover and learn about the world around them. From illustrating basic scientific concepts to investigating asteroids to solving problems on Mars, Eagle, Robyn, and Hawk, the main characters of Space Racers, take their preschool audience on a fun-filled adventure of learning and collaboration.

Space Racers on kcet.org:
Show page: www.kcet.org/shows/space_racers

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