Space Shuttle Endeavour, EXPLORE Specials THANKSGIVING on Link TV


Space Shuttle Endeavour Special 



And New EXPLORE Special Premiere As Part of Link TV's Thanksgiving Lineup


Exclusive National Broadcast Premiere of "Three Nights, Three Days" Special Presents a Close Up Look at the Unique Journey of the Space Shuttle ENDEAVOUR Through the Streets of Los Angeles 


New EXPLORE Special Takes Viewers into Arctic with a Stunning Live-Cam Glimpse into the Wilderness





Burbank - Nov. 9, 2015 - Link TV, a national independent public satellite television network broadcasting programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world, presents a lineup of new, exclusive programming premiering on Nov. 26, Thanksgiving Day. Viewers can ride along for Mission 26, the final journey of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in the documentary film THREE NIGHTS, THREE DAYS as well as tune in to an all-new episode ofEXPLORE which journeys to the Arctic for an uninterrupted view of wildlife, natural sensations, and more.


Thanksgiving Lineup Premiering on Link TV (DirecTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410) Includes:


EXPLORE: Pearls of the Planet - The Arctic

7:30 p.m. PT/ET

EXPLORE takes viewers to the Northern reaches of the planet, through live, high-definition webcams and expeditions deep into the Arctic. On the shores of Hudson Bay, polar bears wait for the ice to harden so they can move out miles from shore to hunt for the seals that feed them over the winter.  Beluga whales gather in large pods, while the Aurora Borealis swirls overhead. Without narration or music, the special episode presents the natural sights and sounds of the Arctic in a way never before presented on broadcast television. EXPLORE: Pearls of the Planet - The Arctic also goes behind the scenes to show the installation of high-definition cameras that feed the dozens of live screens at the explore.org portal that are watched by millions of users worldwide.


THREE NIGHTS, THREE DAYS: Endeavour's Journey Through Los Angeles

8 p.m. PT/ET

In its exclusive broadcast premiere on Link TV, THREE NIGHTS, THREE DAYS chronicles the feat of engineering required to transport the retired Space Shuttle Endeavour--a 150,000-pound national treasure--through 14 miles of urban, public streets to its new home at the California Science Center's Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion in 2012. The 23-minute documentary from Director Paul Bozymowski follows the shuttle's 68-hour journey through mostly underserved neighborhoods, where more than a million people lined Endeavour's route inspiring future generations of scientists, innovators and engineers along the way. 



Explore.org is home to more than 300 original films and a massive library of world-class photography from all over the globe. It was founded by filmmaker and philanthropist Charles Annenberg Weingarten to champion the selfless acts of others, inspire lifelong learning and help people fall in love with the world again. Both educational and inspirational, explore.org features a wide range of topics--from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality. Delivered in short and easily understandable segments, explore films appeal to viewers of all ages, from children learning about other cultures for the first time to adults looking for a fresh perspective on the world around them. From majestic Orca whales in the Pacific Northwest, to baby ospreys hatching in their nests in Maine, to panda bears frolicking in China, explore.org has opened a window to the wild. Link TV and KCET are have been the primary broadcast outlets the works of Explore expeditions for the past eight years.



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