Special 'Artbound' Episode Airs New Year's Day

Burbank, CA - December 23, 2013 - KCET's

award-winning transmedia arts and culture series, Artbound,

will feature a special episode on Wednesday, Jan. 1 at 1 p.m.  The 3-hour long New Year's special explores Southern

California's multifaceted art scene and diverse cultural landscape, sharing unique

stories that celebrate the eclectic and creative spirit of the region.

Culled from Artbound articles selected

by KCET's online audience, segments highlighted in the episode include:


Intérieure/Interior Forest

A multi-faceted project by artist

Alexandra Grant, based on French author, and philosopher Hélène Cixous' book

"Philippines," the work encompasses a series of public drawing

sessions, reading groups, and artist collaborations centering on the theme of

the forest as a shared space.


Among Friends'

Artist Shizu Saldamando is a visual

artist whose work explores a punk rock, Chicano/a subculture in Los Angeles.

Her work begins by photographing her subjects in their natural environments

such as backyard parties in East LA, and then paints those works on various

surfaces, ranging from tablecloths, wood, and skin in the form of tattoo art.


Aural World of Alison O'Daniel'

Using a collaborative, cross-platform

process, artist Alison O'Daniel makes her strange, fascinating, and lyrical

work in interdependent video, sculpture, and sound.



Artist Nery Gabriel Lemus draws inspiration

from his experiences as a social worker, creating art that comments on race,

gender, and domestic abuse.


of Detention

Based on a column by our partner UCR ARTSblock on

the exhibition "Geographies of Detention: From Guantánamo to the Golden

Gulag," the role of prison spaces, and the prison industrial complex is

examined through the work of visual artists Sandow


, and Richard Ross.


Traces: 29 Palms Marine Base'

'Incendiary Traces' led a recent

draw-in at the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center where

participants used drawing as a tool for connecting the SoCal landscape to

foreign battle zones.


Wearable Art of Bohemian Society'

L.A. designer Victor Wilde sees

fashion as the ultimate forum for a literally and metaphorically collaborative

art form.



At Bootsy Bellows, a nightclub on

Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, Jeff Speetjens performs with a variety of

marionettes from the stage to the dance floor.


Lost in the High Desert'

Diane Best personifies the creative

spirit found throughout the High Desert, but especially in Joshua Tree proper.

She has been a vital multi-talented creative force here of years now. Artbound

explores her practice, from landscape paintings to immersive video art



Legacy Crates'

Marjan K. Vayghan's "Legacy

Crates," a series of transformed art shipping crates, symbolizes her

journey from Iran, the land of her ancestry, and her transcultural life and

identity in the U.S.


the Influence: West Coast Hip-Hop Photography'

Michael Miller was the go-to lensman

for countless album covers and publicity stills during one of California

hip-hop's most vibrant eras.



Artbound hits the streets of Melrose

to uncover the history of LA's street art culture that exploded in the late

1980s and early 1990s. Featuring the main players in the scene such as Mear

One, Axis, Dytch, Lynk, and Rakka of Dilated Peoples.


Based on a column by Misael Diaz, this

video maps the pasajes ("passages") of Tijuana, alleys housing small

craft vendors and a burgeoning arts scene that is revitalizing the city.



This video transports you to the

neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Discover a small radio station and witness how

it is actively building community through its programming.


the Oasis'

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre's mobile

"Duck Truck" brings site-specific performances to various locations

in Los Angeles.



Janet Owen Driggs reports on "The

Del Aire Fruit Park," the first public fruit park in the state.



Chelsea Wolfe performs her song "House

of Metal" for a live studio audience.



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