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KCETLink Media Group has collaborated with the curatorial and creative teams at the Autry to produce media for the exhibition and create an online destination that will extend these important stories beyond the exhibition walls. By shining a light on the environmental knowledge of indigenous peoples across California and exploring how they have actively shaped the land for millennia, TENDING THE WILD examines how we live in balance with nature and how traditional practices can inspire a new generation of Californians.

In addition to the video series, the online web hub features a variety of news stories that illustrate a larger inquiry into the concepts and practices of traditional ecological knowledge, including an introductory article titled “What is Traditional Ecological Knowledge?” by M. Kat Anderson. The web hub will also include articles on cultural landscape management through the use of fire; traditional foods, medicines, and building materials; traditional California desert life-ways; and Northwestern California Native peoples’ relationship with Pacific salmon.


Click on images for larger versions. All images have been optimized for use online. If you need higher resolution files, please refer to the press contact listed for this series. 

Tending the Wild Logo
Still of Man and Plant from Tending the Wild
Photo of Nicholas Hummingbird (Cahuilla / Apache) | Courtesy of KCET


Barbara, Decolonizing The Diet, Tending The Wild.
Barbara, Decolonizing The Diet


Tima weaving a basket with raw materials
Tima weaving a basket with raw materials


Still image from Tending the Wild of woman cooking with indigenous ingredients
Still image from Tending the Wild of woman cooking with indigenous ingredients

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