Venice Field Guide Launches on KCET's Award-Winning Web Documentary Series Departures





features more than 20 field guides on history, food, art and recreation,

providing an immersive 'tour' of one of the most eccentric and artistic

beachside neighborhoods in L.A.



Angeles - March 19, 2012 - As part of KCET's on-going

commitment to provide local, cutting-edge content on all media platforms

the nation's largest independent television station serving Southern and

Central California, is pleased to launch KCET's

Definitive Guide to Venice
, a new interactive series featuring more than 20 different

excursions to one of the most eccentric and artistic beachside neighborhoods in

Los Angeles. 

Spanning an array of topics including, history, food,

arts and recreation, the comprehensive Venice field guide offers detailed

mapping tools, a host of first-person interviews, as well as blogs, photos and

imagery that will navigate visitors through the neighborhood's

narrow pedestrian pathways that slice through unique residential bungalows, quirky

cottages and flourishing gardens


Suited for both individuals and families, the series also focuses on artistic institutions like

SPARC, housed in the old Venice jailhouse, as well as architectural tours and

recommendations for the best coastal bike paths, including a loop along gorgeous

Ballona Creek.  In addition, the guide

features a one-of-a-kind Mural Tour of the larger-than-life paintings done by

local artists that often go unnoticed along the Venice Boardwalk. 

"We're thrilled to debut

the Venice Field Guides," said Juan Devis, director of Production & Program

Development at KCET.  "Since its founding

over a hundred years ago,
Venice has been a

mesmerizing neighborhood that once touted amusement parks over the ocean and

gondola rides through the canals.  We

hope this new series will introduce visitors to a community they only thought they



KCET's Definitive Guide to Venice is the third installment in the station's field guide series,

which also includes a guide to Highland Park and the Los Angeles

, as well as plans for several others.


About KCET Departures

KCET Departures

provides a 360º people-centric experience; is participatory in nature; and

serves as a central nexus in people sharing, commenting, collaborating, and

finding ways to be involved in their communities. These relationships are

fostered offline and on by engaging community residents, non-profit

organizations, schools and students, in the creation and procurement of

relevant and relatable content. From development to production, the

neighborhood and its community (the stake holders) are involved in the process

of production, resulting in a tight knit between the aspirations of the local

community and the station. Departures is a participatory platform, a series,

and a network where people can convene information and ideas about our city and

its people, and engage in the interpretation of the city that we live in. 
Departures is funded by The Boeing Company,

California Council for the Humanities and the City of Los Angeles Department of

Cultural Affairs.




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