Werner Herzog Documentary ‘Grizzly Man’ Airs Nov. 1 on KCET and Link TV As One of Many Eclectic Films in the LINK VOICES Series

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Part of Diverse November Lineup of LINK VOICES Documentaries

Timothy Treadwell in Grizzly Man
Timothy Treadwell. Photo Courtesy of Grizzly Man


Burbank, Calif. – Oct. 16, 2017 - KCETLink Media Group, a leading national independent nonprofit public broadcast and digital network, announced today the Nov. 1 broadcast of the Werner Herzog film “Grizzly Man” as part of KCET and Link TV’s documentary series LINK VOICES. “Grizzly Man” chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. For 13 years, Timothy spent his summers on the Alaskan Peninsula, living among wild bears and, for the last five years, videotaping his life there. His winters were spent touring elementary schools and making television appearances, in an effort to educate people about the plight of the animals he loved.

LINK VOICES provides a unique collection of documentaries that show a medley of perspectives, untold stories and regional flavors. This impactful documentary series returns in November with a compelling mix of topics that include veterans healing through comedy, the history of the environmental movement, the birth of punk rock in the 1970s and the current oppression of the media in North Korea. LINK VOICES airs nationally on Link TV (DirecTV 375 and Dish Network 9410) and KCET (Southern California) Wednesdays in November at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Online hubs at KCET.org/LinkVoices and LinkTV.org/LinkVoices offer streaming windows for many of the documentary releases and invites viewers to engage with the issues through web extras that include additional images, videos and interviews with the various directors.

The lineup for LINK VOICES in November is as follows (subject to change):

Grizzly Man (Nov. 1)

Pieced together from Timothy Treadwell's actual video footage, Werner Herzog's remarkable documentary examines the calling that drove Treadwell to live among a tribe of wild grizzly bears on an Alaskan reserve. A devoted conservationist with a passion for adventure, Timothy believed he had bridged the gap between human and beast. When one of the bears he loved and protected tragically turns on him, the footage he shot serves as a window into our understanding of nature and its grim realities. Not available for streaming.

Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor (Nov. 8)

Five severely wounded Iraq/Afghanistan veterans were given the opportunity to explore their experiences through the healing power of humor. This film follows their journey as they work with professional comedy writers and A-List comedians: Zach Galifianakis, Lewis Black, Bob Saget, and B.J. Novak, who help them write and perform their own personal stand-up comedy routines. This exciting venture gives them new comedic perspectives from which to view their injuries and their lives, and culminates in one big night performing at LA's top comedy clubs. Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org for 7 days following the broadcast.

North Korea: Inside the Secret State (Nov. 15)

Following the journey of a small group of covert North Korean filmmakers, this documentary reveals how brave North Koreans, both in and outside the country, are breaking down the barriers between the oppressed and the outside world through a secret trade in USBs, cell phones and DVDs. Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org following the broadcast.

Who Is Billy Bones? (Nov. 22)

This film highlights the four-decade-long music career of legendary punk rock vocalist Steven “Billy Bones” Fortuna. Billy Bones was an early pioneer of the punk genre, fronting the 1977 Los Angeles punk band The Skulls with his snarling vocals and socially charged lyrics. Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org for 30 days following the broadcast.

A Fierce Green Fire (Nov. 29)

An exploration of the environmental movement via grassroots and global activism spanning 50 years from conservation to climate change. Narrated by Meryl Streep, Robert Redford and Ashley Judd. Available to stream online at KCET.org and LinkTV.org for 14 days following the broadcast.

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