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KCET's award-winning environment news project Redefine ran from July 2012 through February 2017. For ongoing environmental coverage please visit our show Earth Focus, or browse Redefine's archives below for historical material.

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Wildlife rescuer holds terminally poisoned bald eagle | Image: Dwickish

Toxic Shot Syndrome: New Interior Secretary Bows to the Gun Lobby

One of the Obama administration's last acts was a ban on using lead ammo in wildlife refuges. Ryan Zinke couldn't have that.
Signs warn of sewage contamination on beach at Border Field State Park | Photo: Brian Auer, some rights reserved

Call Mounts For Federal Investigation of Tijuana River Sewage Spill

Neither the U.S. or Mexican federal government has responded to the 145 million-gallon spill that befouled rivers and beaches.
Parrot greets the morning on a West Covina power line. | Photo: John Liu, some rights reserved

California's Parrots: Pleasure, or Problem?

Exotic parrots are increasingly common in California cities — and scientists don't really know whether they're doing other species harm.
Smug coyote | Photo: Josh More, some rights reserved

Did a Coyote Eat Your Cat? Conejo Valley Scat Survey Aims To Find Out

The study, already in progress in Los Angeles, is expanding to the community near Thousand Oaks.
At extinction's door; the Amargosa vole | Photo: UC Davis

California's Ten Most-Endangered Species

California has more than its share of endangered wildlife. Here are ten of the most-imperiled species.
Below the Oroville Dam on February 18, 2017 | Photo: Florence Low / California Department of Water Resources

Who Should Pay To Fix The Oroville Dam?

The repair bill should go to those who use the water.
A Chinook salmon in the "parr" or fry stage | Photo: Oregon State University, some rights reserved

What Will This Year's Floods Mean for California Salmon?

Flooding along the banks of the Sacramento may be a boon to young salmon... if they survive long enough to get there.
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