Administration to Expand Public Lands Energy Development

More of this to come: gas drilling experiments on BLM land | Photo: John Amos/Flickr/Creative Commons License

Under an initiative announced Friday, the Obama Administration will radically expand its energy development on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Under the new program, the BLM's energy development budget will be increased by 20 percent, with the money going to streamline permit applications for both renewable and non-renewable energy development on public lands.

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The document,entitled "President Obama's Blueprint for a Clean and Secure Energy Future," details a multi-pronged approach toward Obama's stated "All Of The Above" energy policy. It includes a plan to fund research and development through receipts from an expanded offshore drilling program, a permanent Production Tax Credit for renewable energy, and this passage describing the President's planned Public Lands legacy:

The Administration is also calling for a significant expansion of natural gas drilling, a permanent repository for waste from nuclear power plants, and increased nuclear exports to "promote safe, secure, low-carbon nuclear power growth in countries that are pursuing nuclear energy as part of their energy mix."

The document is upbeat about the Obama administration's chances for success in this policy, which also includes mention of nonexistent "clean coal" technology:


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