New to the Birds and Solar Issue? We've Got It Covered Here

A scorched MacGillivray's warbler found by USFWS at the Ivanpah solar project | Photo: USFWS

With last week's appearance of yet another prominent story on bird injuries at solar power plants, ReWire has been getting a lot of traffic on our previous coverage of the issue.

We've been reporting on the issue of burned birds at solar plants since mid-2012. It may have taken other news outlets a few additional months to notice the issue, but we're gratified that the topic is starting to see wider coverage.

As a guide to journalists and other readers who are struggling to come up to speed on the issue, we've compiled our reporting on burn injuries to birds at solar power plants -- over 50 stories in all -- into one handy, interactive post using the popular Storify curation tool. We hope you find it helpful in understanding the issue's broader context. And if you're a journalist, feel free to quote any of our stories with a citation and a link. We like when people do that.

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