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  • It's all about olive oil! New techniques in raising a centuries old farm product. Olive oil producers compete for the best in show. Consumers learn about cooking correctly.
  • AMERICA'S HEARTLAND celebrates the men and women across who grow the country's crops, ... tend its nurseries and prepare its food. AMERICA'S HEARTLAND taps into the national fascination with food and curiosity about ...
  • Uncover the secret of Louisiana's most famous hot sauce. Visit the Ohio farm where Hollywood came to stay. Connect with the past in renovating century old barns. Uncover the farming "roots" of America's first president.
  • Arizona farmers raise record crops in America's "Winter Salad Bowl." Farmers donate crops to Florida food programs. Farm to fork cauliflower frittata. Montana farmers develop new crops to meet gluten free demands.
  • A New England family works to make a 300 year old farm successful. An Illinois farm family sees soybeans as critical to America's overseas trade. A holiday drive jump starts a flower farm career for a California family.
  • Sample new varieties of sunflower snacks. Check out the research to "build a better tomato." See how the National Seed Bank protects America's crops. Dig into the story of how science is improving our soils.

  • Discover how sea oats are helping one state save its shoreline. Visit a North Carolina nursery using robots to deliver plants for your garden. Examine the research going into creating new plants at Burpee Seeds. Find out how pears can sweeten your main dish meals.

  • Meet a Minnesota artist who created a career in painting cows. Travel to a Nebraska "art farm". Head for Colorado where one artist uses a huge canvas to celebrate rural living.

  • Celebrate the variety of rural recipes from cornbread. Heat up the oven to test some recipes with barley. Head for a Wisconsin racetrack where "motor mayhem" is part of the life for a dairy farmer. Visit an Iowa town celebrating its rural heritage.

  • Discover how Idaho dairy farmers work to protect rivers and streams. Meet a Tennessee couple making award winning goat cheese. Go door to door for home delivery with a Minnesota milkman.