Desert Road

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  • GREAT NATURE features the earth's 4.6 billion-year history--its dynamism, ...
  • Featuring spectacular images that have never been shown before, this program visits Iceland and presents volcanoes that are the major natural force creating new land.
  • ... lava domes and fumaroles of the "volcanic museum" of the great Circum-Pacific system are captured from the air and up close on the ...
  • The Enigmatic Island: Tasmania. We cover the wilderness in search of natural mysteries: a rare red sea, rocky mountains and forests with traces of when the island was separated from Antarctica.

  • The Edge of Geological Research - Zagros Mountains, Iran: Hidden salt domes, salt caves, and endlessly burning mountains are among the natural wonders shown on this program.

  • This program focuses on the boiling lava lake of an Ethiopian volcano, a place where you can feel the power of the Earth breathing. We also climb a steep cliff to find traces of crustal movement.

  • This edition introduces the sea around Raja Ampat in Indonesia, home to the world's greatest variety of corals. The multitude of fish visiting the colorful coral beds includes huge mantas.

  • The program documents an attempt to record the "black storms", the huge sandstorms that appear every spring in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and reveal the truth behind them.

  • Mystical stone scenery of China. Spectacular rock formations in southern China were a model for the scenery in the film Avatar. Special permission was granted to film them using a paramotor.