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  • <p>Artists are becoming writers as they overlay image with bold type that allows the environment to say something with the brevity of a tweet.</p>
  • The L.A. County Holiday Celebration, which KCET broadcast live for 49 years, is a uniquely SoCal tradition which highlights our region's unrivaled racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
  • Linguistic purity on the streets of El-Lay.
  • Weeds are a real nuisance for most gardeners, but that's not the case for the members of the 29 Palms Historical Society. Huell visits the 29 Palms' annual Weed Show and gets a close-up look at some very special "weeds."

  • Embrace your leftovers with Sara's quick and clever recipes using last night's meal in an entirely new way. You'll love Tomato, Chicken and Tortilla Soup, and any kind of cooked pasta can star again in Sara's Brie, Bacon and Spaghetti Frittata.
  • California's rich history has been documented in many ways, but the tradition of quilting is an expression of California life through beautiful and intricate pieces of art. Join Huell as he visits an exhibit of California quilts covering a 100-year history and the Foothill Quilters who keep this tradition alive.






  • On her weekly interview show, former Air America Radio host and author Laura Flanders talks with forward-thinking people from around the world of politics, business, and culture, and introduces the cutting edge social movements that are making tomorrow's world today. For intelligent, eclectic conversation with the world's most creative thinkers and doers, watch the "Laura Flanders Show," ...

  • The first ever released "Celtic Thunder Show" features an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the traditional "Mountains of Mourne" and "Come By the Hills" to international hits such as "Brothers in Arms" and "Desperado," as well as original compositions. The ensemble numbers in Celtic Thunder reflect the power of the soloists, who range in age...

  • This time on The Health Show, scientists in Singapore are helping stroke victims regain control of their limbs through brain power and robotic arms.