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  • THE QUILTED CONSCIENCE documents the beautiful and important story of a group of sixteen ...
  • California's rich history has been documented in many ways, but the tradition of quilting is an expression of California life through beautiful and intricate pieces of art. Join Huell as he visits an exhibit of California quilts covering a 100-year history and the Foothill Quilters who keep this tradition alive.






  • Quilt artist Denise Sheridan's hand-sewn, hand- quilted works of art are part personal narrative, part sociopolitical ... Sheridan, every stitch tells a story. Her hand-sewn, hand- quilted works of art are part personal narrative, part sociopolitical ... Southern African president and activist Nelson Mandela. " Conscience of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela" is being ...
  • <p>Atascadero photographer Joe Schwartz, whose 100th birthday coincides with his community's centennial, has dedicated his career to documenting America's have-nots.</p>
  • This week: A historical photo exhibit, the world of quilting, frog "wranglers" and more!
  • <p>First -- curiosity. The simple incongruity forms a question mark. A big ol' bass and a high-pitched mandolin, side by side? It's like throwing a growling mastiff in with a mewling kitten. But then listen to the music, and be convinced. Meet MandoBasso.</p>
  • ... Rudy Perez was once praised by the L.A. Times as "the conscience of Los Angeles dance." [scald=74521:kl_image_original_context ... miracle. In addition to facing a dire arts economy that shows no signs of abating, Perez has been visually impaired for more than a ...
  • Huell visits the Quilt Show, the Homestead Exhibit, and the Hayfork Mule Show.

  • In the communities of South Kern County, residents and community stakeholders stitched together their hopes and dreams of a healthy community for the next generation, creating a 11'9" x 9'2" communal quilt.