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  • Regeneración was a space where art, community, and politics merged in Highland Park, much like art collectives had done a generation before.
  • ... youth of Highland Park , bereft of community resources and victims of education inequality, became increasingly ... neighborhood already suffering from the loss of financial resources that former, well-to-do homeowners once invested in the community. ...
  • <p>They are currently seeking proposals for co-location at the 135,000 square-foot former Kmart, which will be transformed into a community amenity a one-stop shop for what seems to be everything a community needs to thrive.</p>
  • In the last three decades Monterey Park became known as the first city and suburb in America to have an Asian majority. Advertised in Asia as the "Chinese Beverly Hills," the city's unique social history has made it the subject of several books in the last two decades.
  • When B. Max finds out the local park is closed, the dogs invent their own park in the garden. Pido's adventure to a national park with the Puppy Patrol Club is so great, that he pretends to be a park ranger. He encourages the rest of the dogs to follow the park rules.

  • <p>Here's a list of mandatory evacuation areas and local shelters, along with tips from the American Red Cross.</p>
  • A magical spot, this street-end stormwater park catches L.A.'s runoff while it gives you the largest and most ambitious park so far on the Frogtown stretch.
  • How do you play the L.A. River at Hollydale Park?
  • [scald=26306:kl_image_original_context]Field Guides Parks by the L.A. River Did you know that there are over 40 parks along the L.A. River? Here are some of our favorites.Explore ...