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  • ... installments. We held StoryShare events. We gave away swag in contests. You shared us your stories, poems, songs. ... their experiences with us (Look for the videos in early 2012 ). [scald=29425:kl_image_original_context ...
  • <p>A funny thing happened on the way to Election Day for this congressional race in San Bernardino County. New York City's mayor got involved and changed the outcome.</p>
  • ... and RISK to paint up a wall on 4th place during Bloomfest 2012 . YOUNG PART ONE: At 19, Ben Waldow, aka Bendow, is the youngest artist ...
  • <ul><li>Testing the Limits</li><li>Moyers: The Biggest Story of Our Time</li><li>Unger: WeHo Fur Ban</li></ul>
  • Big money from Super PACs is changing the political landscape, helping some, hurting others; L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez on money, politics, and the election; Space Shuttle Endeavour serves as inspiration for an era of private spaceflight.
  • Microloans are giving new access to capital to some L.A. entrepreneurs; Madeleine talks to best-selling author Michael Connelly about his new book; David Kipen tells us what to read this holiday season.
  • Special Coverage: The Aftermath of Newtown

    Here in Los Angeles, Chief Charlie Beck has announced a plan to have a police officer present at every elementary and middle school in the city beginning in January. Val talks to officers Charles Dempsey and Chuck Lennon of the Los Angeles Police Department's Systemwide Mental Assessment...

  • Up Front: Correspondent Jennifer London takes an exclusive look at the crisis facing Los Angeles County's Dependency Court in "Courting Disaster," a story that won the prestigious Alfred I. duPont Award for Excellence in Journalism.

    In the Studio:

      • Jennifer London joins Judge Michael Nash...