A Concrete River: Reviving The Waters of Los Angeles

"A Concrete River: Reviving The Waters of Los Angeles" chronicles the importance of the Los Angeles River culturally, economically and ecologically. The film traces the extraordinary story of the Los Angeles River, starting with the native Tongva tribes that lived along it's banks before the Spanish arrived, all the way through to the present day. This documentary takes you on a journey from the origins of Los Angeles to the present; through floods, waterways and the building of the miles-long concrete water basin which protects Los Angeles from seasonal floods. Today, with the enthusiasm and support of many Angelinos, the river is roaring back, new, revived and redesigned so it will serve its purpose as a protective waterway, but also, as an ecosystem; a place for wildlife, fish, recreation and where people may gather.

This special is supported by a matching challenge grant from Newman’s Own Foundation. Learn More.

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