agatha raisin the vicious vet

The Vicious Vet

Season 1, Episode 5

Veterinarian cum lothario Paul Bladen has the ladies of Carsely all aflutter with excitement. But when a routine operation results in his death, Agatha once again must uncover the truth behind his untimely demise. Synopsis - After a recent bad experience, Agatha is reticent to become involved romantically with a younger man. But when the women of Carsely flock to the vets in the hopes of stealing a glance at newbie Paul Bladen, she cannot resist a peek for herself.

Sure, enough, Paul is a smoothie -- and he quickly invites Agatha out to a candlelit supper. But the flirtation is cut brutally short when Paul's lifeless body is found the next morning. An unfortunate 'accident' is ruled as cause of death as, during an operation on the Pendlebury estate, an injection of extremely powerful tranquilizer found its way into Paul's heart. Sensing that something isn't right, Agatha resolves to find out the truth of the matter, fishing out suspects on the estate itself, as well as the other women Paul had set his sights on. As Agatha edges towards unmasking the killer, she and James become closer during the investigation.

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The Witch of Wyckhadden

Season 1, Episode 7

Ditching Carsely for the vast Wyckhadden Hotel to escape personal embarrassment, Agatha finds herself in the center of another scandal when local 'witch' Francie Juddle is discovered bludgeoned to death. Trapped in the area until the matter is resolved, Agatha begins her own investigation. 

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The Murderous Marriage

Season 1, Episode 8

When Agatha's ex-husband, Jimmy Raisin, returns to Carsely unannounced, it tests her relationship with James Lacey to its snapping point. And when Jimmy ends up dead in a ditch, Agatha is put in the frame for his murder. 

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The Quiche of Death

Season 1, Episode 1

Agatha Raisin, having spent years clawing her way to the top of the cutthroat world of public relations, is tiring of the high life. Pining for a more peaceful existence in friendlier locales, she leaves London, opting for early retirement in the picturesque idyll of the Cotswolds. She settles in Carsely -- an outwardly sleepy village in scenic surroundings -- and attempts to curry favor with the locals, cheating her way into a quiche-making competition with an entry purchased from an urban deli.

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The Walkers of Dembley

Season 1, Episode 2

When militant rambler Jessica Tartinck is found bashed to death in a field, former PR whiz Agatha Raisin is forced to go undercover to get to the bottom of the grisly crime.  

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Hell's Bells

A rich newcomer to the village, Amanda Ballard, has found little favor among the Carsely locals. And when her body is found hanging from the bell ropes of the church in an apparent suicide, Agatha suspects foul play.

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