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Argentina - White Gold (Joel Richards) - The stunningly beautiful salt flats that span the north of Argentina and Chile as well as the south of Bolivia form what's known as the Lithium Triangle. More than half of the world's reserves of lithium are found there. The metal is a vital component in batteries and with the electric car market growing at a rapid rate, demand for lithium is expected to triple by 2025. But there are environmental concerns. Especially the effect extraction could have on local indigenous communities. Americas Now Correspondent Joel Richards traveled to the region to tell us about the white gold rush. Brazil - C-Section Galore (Stephen Gibbs) - Nowhere in the world has a higher rate of Caesarean or C-section birth deliveries than Brazil. More than half of all births are a result of surgery. That's far higher than the World Health Organization recommends -it says 10-15% is a safe level. Our correspondent Stephen Gibbs looks at the cultural factors behind Brazil's C-section epidemic, and what the government is doing to tackle the issue

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