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Ecuador - Corruption Scandals (Dan Collyns) - Latin America has experienced a wave of corruption scandals over the past decade. It's resulted in continued backlash led by citizens and governments in several nations. While great strides have been made to strengthen institutions, establish accountability and root out fraud, allegations of graft continue to emerge. In Ecuador a series of corruption scandals have prompted a clampdown from the top down. As Correspondent Dan Collyns reports it's unclear how tangled the web of deception is. Argentina - Female Power (Joel Richards) - In 2018 Argentina saw a historic debate over abortion. The Senate blocked the bill that would loosen one of the region's strictest abortion laws and millions including women and young people took to the streets to protest. It was the latest chapter in a movement that put women's rights at the top of the public agenda. As Correspondent Joel Richards reports Argentina has started a new narrative about the role of women in society. Urban Voices - Bossa Nova (Lucrecia Franco) - Bossa Nova, one of Brazil's most famous musical genres, is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Its name, which translates into new fad has proven its longevity by continuing to seduce audiences with its dreamy, syncopated melodies. To discover the Brazilian beat's secrets we talked to some of its creators, singers, and historians of this beloved musical style. Our Urban Voice is the Bossa Nova.

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