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Colombia - Competitiveness (Michelle Begue) - Colombia has been trying to alter its identity. For decades its reputation was tarnished by narco-trafficking and armed conflict. Now it's working to change its image to a Latin American nation with great potential for international investment. Recent global rankings like the World Bank's "Doing Business Report" and the Global Competitiveness Index, named Colombia one of the top-5 Latin American economies. But business owners and economists both say Colombia still has a lot of challenges ahead to remain competitive. Correspondent Michelle Begue reports. Ecuador - Organ Donation (Harris Whitbeck) - Ecuador is one of only two countries in Latin America that permits organ transplants to be performed by the public health system. The procedure is one of the most aggressive forms of medical treatment available. The country has adopted a law that makes everyone who lives in Ecuador an automatic organ donor unless they specify otherwise. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports from Guayaquil. Urban Voices - Pedro Aznar (Joel Richards) - Heavily influenced by British rock music, Argentina developed a new music scene in the 1960s. It became known as Rock Nacional and was popular not only in Argentina but across Latin America. Singing in Spanish, dozens of popular bands provided the soundtrack for turbulent decades in the region which are still heard on the radio today. One of the most influential and respected musicians of that generation is singer, bassist, composer and producer, Pedro Aznar. He is our Urban Voice.

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