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El Salvador -Border Separation (Mike Kirsch) - The heartbreaking story of Alexa Ramos of El Salvador made headlines around the world. The infant was taken from her mother's arms by US Border Patrol agents after the two crossed illegally into the United States. Her mother was deported. Alexa was sent to live with a foster family in the US state of Michigan. The story symbolizes the pain and anguish hundreds of children like her are facing in the United States. They're separated from parents who in some cases they may never see again. For the first time Alexa's mother Araceli Ramos is telling their story. Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports. Guatemala - Coffee Crisis (Harris Whitbeck) - Immigration from countries in Central America's northern triangle to the United States has occurred for decades. Political instability, violence, and economic hardship are just some of the many reasons behind the exodus. But a recent surge from Guatemala to the U.S. has been linked to an economic phenomenon happening globally, the price of the coffee in your cup. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports.

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