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Argentina - Argentine Peso Crisis (Harris Whitbeck) - A year ago the future looked bright for Argentina. President Mauricio Macri had helped the country dodge a recession and the stock market was booming. But this year, as deep reforms were being implemented into the economy, fiscal disaster struck. And the nation has plunged into an economic crisis. At the center of this financial storm is the beleaguered Argentine peso, and its relationship to the US dollar. It's caused apprehension for consumers and business owners and, as Harris Whitbeck reports, it's forced the government to make some drastic decisions. Argentina - Bookstore City (Joel Richards) - Bookstores across the globe have been closing down in recent years as a result of on-line purchases and the rise of eBooks. But one city that has remained relatively untouched by this cultural shift is Buenos Aires. Hundreds of bookstores still line the streets there. In fact, many consider Argentina's capital to be one of the literary capitals of Latin America. But times may be changing for this book lover's paradise and not precisely because of the Internet. Our correspondent Joel Richards has the story.

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