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Colombia - Microfinances (Michelle Begue) - According to Colombia's National Statistics Department, 12.4 million people were living below the poverty line in Colombia in 2017. That translates into living on less than 88 dollars a month. For many of those residents dreams of having their own business seem impossible. But some industrious women, with some innovative ideas, have found support in the form of a financial service. And it's helping produce a long-term change in their lives. Correspondent Michelle Begue has the story from Bogota. Game Changer - Brisa de Angulo (Dan Collyns) - At the age of 15 our Game Changer was raped by a member of her extended family. When she finally found the courage to tell the police, she was ostracized, intimidated and had a traumatic experience in court. She decided to set up a charity which provides medical, social and legal services to young survivors and even helped create a national day against sexual abuse in her native Bolivia. Americas Now caught up with her on that day in her home town, city of Cochabamba. Our Game Changer is the founder of A Breeze of Hope ...Brisa de Angulo. Urban Voices - Guatemala - Ceci Juno (Harris Whitbeck) - An Ecuadorian singer and songwriter is wowing audiences in more way than one. She's delighting them with her interpretations of old classics and new compositions. She is also using her musical talent to help people with developmental issues.  Our Urban Voice is Music Therapist Ceci Juno.

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