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Mexico - Tech-Mex (Harris Whitbeck) - Part of U.S. President Donald Trumps' "get-tough" policy is expected to include an increase in the expulsion of undocumented citizens to their home countries. Mexico is one of the nations that might face the largest number of returnees. For many of them it could feel like starting over as they know little about the language and culture of their country of origin. That makes things like finding a job difficult. But the digital startup sector in Mexico is viewing the return of migrants from the U.S. as an opportunity. Our correspondent Harris Whitbeck went to Mexico City to find out who is hiring returnees and why. Game Changer - Alika Kinan - Our Game Changer is an activist from Buenos Aires who speaks out about when she was forced into prostitution in the south of Argentina. She now works at a university and organizes events and gives speeches in defense of women rights. She won a landmark case against her captors and campaigns for more far-reaching policies to effectively tackle human trafficking. Her foundation helps women who have fallen prey to trafficking rings. She has been lauded in Washington DC as a hero working against human trafficking. Her name is Alika Kinan. Urban Voices - Porfi Baloa - During the decade of the 70's the United States witnessed the birth of a new Latin rhythm known as Salsa. It drew a lot of influence from Jazz but it was mostly the result of Latin and Caribbean sounds brought by Hispanic immigrants. New York became its center stage while it expanded throughout Latin America. This Salsa fever mixed the sounds from Cha cha cha, mambo, Bolero, and Cuban son. Names like "Fania All-Stars" or "Dimension Latina" are considered the pillars of the genre. In Venezuela a young boy lived this musical boom. He grew up to become a Salsa icon himself and took Salsa music to a whole new level. Porfi Baloa is our Urban Voice this week.

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