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Guatemala - Girls at Risk (Harris Whitbeck) - It was an event that shocked the entire country and made headlines around the world. 42 girls, locked up in a state home for children in Guatemala --burned to death. The fire broke out following protests and accusations of poor conditions and abuse. The incident also revealed many of the vulnerabilities faced by young people. More than a year after the tragedy the victim's relatives are still looking for answers. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck tells us more about Guatemala's girls at risk. Game Changer - Julie Colombino (Nitza Perez) - A former aerial performer for Cirque USA traded her high-flying life in Orlando, Florida for Port au Prince, Haiti. In 2010 the Caribbean country was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake. With only 7-thousand dollars and no plan, she wanted to find a way to help. Eight years later, she is an entrepreneur providing job training to Haitian residents at her ethical footwear company. You could say she is fighting poverty, one step a time. Our Game Changer this week is Julie Colombino. Urban Voices - Mexico de Colores (Anne Laurent) - Mexican folk dancing represents the country's many traditions. But in Mexico City an all-male dance group is using the folk dance for a new purpose: to encourage social inclusion. Through his choreography, director Carlos Antunez aims to garner respect for the gay community. With drag queen makeup and eccentric costumes, his dancers offer an upbeat portrayal of gay life. Our Urban Voice is Mexico de Colores.

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