Centenarians and Recycling

Costa Rica - Centenarians (Harris Whitbeck) - The number of people who live to be 100 years or more is growing. It's estimated that there are more than 450,000 centenarians living across the globe and that segment of the population is the fastest growing one of all. Experts say there are many factors that contribute to the existence of centenarians and recently they have started identifying key traits that are common to them all. Those traits have also been found in five distinct areas around the globe, and two of them are in the Americas. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck visited one of these so-called blue zones in the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica.

Game Changer - Julia Novelo (Lisa Hagen) - If you walk through the streets of Mexico City, you will find lots of waste on the streets. A young graphic designer was bothered by all this rubbish on the sidewalks. But she decided to give this trash a second chance. She founded "Cerrando el ciclo" ("Closing the cycle"): a work space for single-mothers who collect old bottles and convert them into glass jewelry and decorating articles. Our Game Changer this week is Julia Novelo.

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Fleeing Guatemala & Gina Badenoch

Guatemala - Fleeing Guatemala

They are young Central American migrants who leave their homes without parental permission, to make a perilous trek to the United States. Most are trying to escape poverty and search for better economic opportunities. Amnesty International has called the journey one of the world's most dangerous. And many of these minors don't even reach their final destination. Correspondent Harris Whitbeck speaks to migrants from Guatemala who were caught by authorities in Mexico and returned home.

Game Changer Mexico - Gina Badenoch (video above)

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Colombia's Homeless City & Portuguese Homecoming

Colombia - Homeless City

When Bogota's new mayor Enrique Penalosa took office in early 2016, he vowed to take down crime in the Colombian capital. One of his first offensives was a raid into the "Bronx." It is the city's most dangerous slum, plagued by drugs, weapons and savage violence. The raid ended with the evacuation of cartels and criminal gangs but it also uncovered a complex reality: thousands of people were living in the Bronx, without a home. Correspondent Michelle Begue has more on Colombia's Homeless City.

Portugal - Portuguese Homecoming

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Privatizing Education In Haiti & Evelina Cabrera

Haiti - Privatizing Education

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Mexico's Crime-Free Town

Mexico - Crime-free town

Mexico's war on drugs has proven long and brutal. The central state of Michoacan has been hit especially hard, with rival cartels fighting each other for territory and against onslaughts by the Mexican Army. The violence has led to lawlessness and a spike in illegal logging. One small town, Cheran, took on all the bad guys and drove them out. Five years later the Purepecha Indian village is still effectively governing itself. Peace reigns in Cheran but villagers say they can never lower their guard.

Costa Rica - Renewable energy

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Mexican Female Rappers & Argentinean Gabriela Gonzalez

Mexico - Rappers

Women fighting for justice, security and equal rights in Mexico have a new and vocal ally in their cause: female rappers. The budding movement isn't drawing huge crowds yet but its message is resonating. Especially among the young. That's in part because thousands of young women go missing every year in Mexico. And in most cases authorities don't investigate. Our correspondent Gerry Hadden reports from Mexico City. Watch the segment above.

Women in Science - Argentinean Gabriela Gonzalez

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Venezuela's Hyperinflation & Galician Homecoming

Venezuela - Hyperinflation

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Privatizing Education in Haiti & Latinos in Silicon Valley

Haiti - Privatizing Education

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