A god statue in the rain | Still from "Ancient Skies"

Explore the history of the entire universe with Professor Brian Cox, a chorus of singers and dancers, show tunes, and guest stars Warwick Davis, Noel Fielding, Hannah Waddingham and Robin Ince in this comedic musical extravaganza.

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Finding The Center

Follow the efforts to give the Earth a shape and a place. From flat Earth legends to Galileo's telescope, track major changes in scientific understanding. Ideas rise and fall as we continue to explore our ancient skies.

  • 2020-09-25T06:00:00-07:00

Our Place in the Universe

Complete the puzzle of our ancient skies. A cast of scientific pioneers reshapes the solar system and better understands a growing universe. But there is still much more space to explore.

  • 2020-10-02T06:00:00-07:00