A meerkat rests its hand on top of another meerkat's head. | "Animals with Cameras, A Nature Miniseries"

Get a front row seat for an extraordinary experience. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan and a team of pioneering animal behaviorists join forces to explore stories of animal lives "told" by the animals themselves. A "Nature" miniseries, "Animals with Cameras" showcases a side of the animal kingdom where human cameramen can't go, when animals become the cinematographers. Using the specially-designed cameras, sprint across the savanna with a cheetah, plunge into the ocean with a seal, and swing through the trees with a chimpanzee. We will be privy to their secret lives like never before and uncover some truly unprecedented behavior through their eyes. Each episode features three different species.

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Episode 3

Deep-dive with Chilean devil rays in the Azores, track brown bears' diets in Turkey and follow dogs protecting flocks of sheep from gray wolves in southern France.

  • 2020-08-06T04:00:00-07:00