The estimated 3.5 million Arab Americans living in the United States today hail from more than 20 countries, practice a variety of faiths and work in a wide range of professions. Hosted by NPR's Neda Ulaby, ARAB AMERICAN STORIES highlights the diversity of the Arab-American experience and traces the impact of this ethnic group on American institutions and public life. The documentary series profiles entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, artists, doctors, lawyers, executives and others making an impact in their communities, their professions, their families or the world at large, with each character-driven story highlighting universal themes and issues. Profiles include: radio host Diane Rehm, Afro-Cuban jazz drummer Robby Ameen, author Alicia Erian, opera singer Hanan Al-Attar, fashion designer Ramy Kashou, chef Kamal Al-Faqih and stand-up comic Dean Obeidallah.

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