Levison Wood stands at the base of a rocky mountain. | From "Arabia with Levison Wood"

In "Arabia with Levison Wood," the military-trained writer and photographer embarks on a rarely ventured route through the challenging environments and remote corners of a little-understood land — Arabia. In the process, he immerses himself in the region's cultures, revealing unique and powerful insights.

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Valleys Of The Past

Writer Levison Wood explores Saudi Arabia, meeting the men and women who live there as he learns more about the culture. He then makes his way into Jordan. He does his best to understand this contradictory country, but he's not allowed to do more than scratch the surface. There's a surreal moment, though, when after having his head prettily garlanded with flowers, Levison is casually asked by one of the notoriously fierce Asiri tribe for a photo for his Instagram page.

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Dangerous Legacy

Levison travels to southern Syria, the penultimate leg of his journey. He wants to learn more about the impact of the conflict on the people who live there.

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Holy Lands

Writer Levison Wood is in Jordan and visits Petra, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. He then travels to Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

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