Members of Buyepongo Play Accordion and Saxophone


Buyepongo is an L.A.-based outfit that makes music in the style they have called "buyangú." It's a mix of rhythms and textures influenced by L.A. and the Modesto's travels to Latin America.  Crucial to Buyepongo's origin story is a trip that Modesto made to Central America after the band temporarily folded in 2010. During his time abroad, Modesto found inspiration in Garifuna culture. 

Living in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, Garifuna people are of indigenous and African descent and lived on St. Vincent in the Caribbean before settling in Central America. In 2008, UNESCO added Garifuna language, dance and music to the "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity," noting that the music combines both African and Native American influences.

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