2014 Flashback: Borderland Art


Contemporary border art has been obtaining more international recognition over the past few years. Today, we look back at five of 2014's featured articles about borderland art. On New Year's Day at 1 PM PST on KCET-TV, we will be airing a three-hour Artbound Marathon which will feature a mash up of our episodes from this year. We hope you enjoy catching up on all the artistic discussions and activities that pervaded arts and culture in 2014.



From Baja to Beijing: TJ in China's Intercontinental Connection


TJ in China Project Space connects Baja artists looking to become more connected with the international art world limelight.


Endangered Boundary: Stefan Falke's 'La Frontera' Project



Photographer Stefan Falke's "La Frontera" humanizes the Mexico/U.S. border through his portraitures of artists working in border cities.



Incendiary Traces: Artists, Surveillance and Patrol at the Border


Incendiary Traces visited the Mexico/U.S. Border to view the border from the perspective of U.S. Border Patrol agents.



Colectivo Martes: Home and Horizontality


Colectivo Martes produces work and organizes exhibitions calling attention to issues affecting women that are largely absent from the cultural discourse in Mexico.



Covet: The Elias Fontes Art Collection


Alonso Elias has collected emblematic work from seminal artists of the Tijuana movement.

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