2014 Flashback: Central Coast


This year, a myriad of individuals have been exploring the cultural ethos of the Central Coast of California through music, crafting, photography, and visual arts. Today, we look back at five of 2014's featured articles from the Central Coast. On New Year's Day at 1 PM PST on KCET-TV, we will be airing a three-hour Artbound Marathon which will feature a mash up of our episodes from this year. We hope you enjoy catching up on all the artistic discussions and activities that pervaded arts and culture in 2014.



Handmade: California's Contemporary Craftmakers

Artist Inspired Cups by Ani Garrick-thumb-580x367-79862

Contemporary craftmakers on the Central Coast infuse beauty into everyday objects, constantly expanding the definition of what is considered "craft."




SLO Pano: Brian Lawler's Wide-Angled Landscapes



Brian Lawler's appreciation for unsullied landscapes is at the heart of his exhibition "SLO Pano," which runs Feb. 14 through March 30 at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.



Mark Abel: A Contemporary Voice in Classical Music

GoodMark-San Simeon-87-thumb-580x386-78866

Former journalist Mark Abel moved to the Central Coast from Southern California to pursue his craft of creating rock-inflected classical music with a contemporary edge.



Joan Longas: Impressions of a Stranger in Southern California

The clear cool California Night (Shell Beach)-thumb-580x379-75882

Spanish artist Joan Longas' lush, neon-lit California landscapes elevate the ordinary, transforming everyday sights into spectacles worthy of notice.



Synergy: Art and Science Intersect in San Luis Obispo

Cluster by Jarred Pfeiffer, detail-thumb-580x386-74303

A new exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art features work by a mathmatically inspired ceramicist and an artist whose multi-disciplinary work is informed by her psychology background.

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