2014 Flashback: Street Art

Glow in Guadalajara photo courtesy of Gloria Muriel

From the streets and alleyways of Los Angeles to Mexican neomuralism at the border, street art continues to evolve on the cultural landscape. Today, we look back at five of 2014's featured articles about street art. On New Year's Day at 1 PM PST on KCET-TV, we will be airing a three-hour Artbound Marathon which will feature a mash up of our episodes from this year. We hope you enjoy catching up on all the artistic discussions and activities that pervaded arts and culture in 2014.





Man One With One Man's Goal: Make Graffiti Legit


Graffiti artist Man One works to develop a code of the street between art and commerce in Los Angeles.



This Is the Place: Jay Shells Maps the Open City


Jay Shells installs site-specific hip-hop lyrics around Los Angeles in an effort to map a place inhabited by marginalized people and often actively erased by hegemonic forces.



Scratching the Surface: Street Art Stars on Museum Walls


ESMoA, a free "art laboratory" in El Segundo, in connection with the Getty Research Institute, is in the midst of "Scratch," a juxtaposition of street art and rare books.



D*Face Comes to Los Angeles


A new pop-up show will survey British street artist D*Face's quick assent from an unknown designer to an internationally recognized artist.



Neomuralism at the Border


Artbound caught up with four of the border neomuralism scene's most prolific urban artists to talk about beginnings, influences, and work methodology.

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