Artbound Episode: 'Art and Protest'

Artbound episode "Art and Protest" explores art created amid social upheaval. The program showcases Andrea Bowers and Noe Gaytan, whose work engages with the struggle for wage equity and unionization; the life and assemblage sculptures of African American artist Noah Purifoy, whose practice was radically transformed by the Watts riots; Michael Maltzan's design of Star Apartments, a housing project addressing the issue of homelessness in downtown Los Angeles; and the cross-border muralism of artist El Mac.

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Will Art School Adjuncts Unionize?

Andrea Bowers is a political artist actively advocating for a fair living wage and the unionization efforts of adjunct professors.



Junk Dada: The Stories Behind Noah Purifoy's Joshua Tree Sculptures

The Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture, open to the public, illustrates the artist's vision during the last 15 years of his life.



Good Design Is for Everyone: The Evolution of Low-Income Housing in L.A.

Star Apartments, located in the heart of downtown's Skid Row was designed by renowned L.A. architect Michael Maltzan to provide permanent housing and social services to the formerly homeless.



El Mac: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Muralist Miles "Mac" MacGregor honors everyday figures not typically featured in the history of portraiture.


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