Artbound Season 2, Episode 2 airs May 30 at 9 PM

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Artbound's second episode brings one-of-a-kind arts and culture stories that celebrate the creative spirit of Southern California, only on KCET May 30, at 9 p.m. PST. Check local listings here.

Culled from Artbound articles selected by our audience, these documentary segments include:

Shizu Saldamando

Artist Shizu Saldamando is a visual artist whose work explores a punk rock, Chicano/a subculture in Los Angeles. Her work begins by photographing her subjects in their natural environments such as backyard parties in East LA, then she paints those works

on various surfaces: tablecloths, wood, skin (as tattoos).

Domestic Affairs

Artist Nery Gabriel Lemus draws inspiration from his experiences as a social worker, creating art that comments on race, gender, and domestic abuse.

Melrose Graffiti

Artbound hits the streets of Melrose to uncover the history of LA's street art culture that exploded in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Featuring the main players in the scene such as MEAR ONE, AXIS, DYTCH, LYNK, RAKKA of Dilated Peoples.


Based on a column by Misael Diaz, this video maps the pasajes ("passages") of Tijuana, alleys housing small craft vendors and a burgeoning arts scene that is revitalizing the city.

Songs in the Key of Los Angeles: The Bedrock Sessions I See Hawks in L.A.

A project by the Library Foundation based on Josh Kun's book "Songs in the Key of Los Angeles," old sheet music housed in the LAPL's collection was mined for songs specific to the city. These songs were then given to several contemporary bands to interpret, arrange, and record. This installment features L.A. folk-country band I See Hawks in L.A.

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