Artbound Season 5 Episode 1

The fifth season of Artbound continues to explore the creative landscape of Southern California. The premiere episode features an exciting collaboration with MOCAtv, the art video channel developed as a digital extension of the education and exhibition programming of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA).

The episode features original pieces including, "Wildflowering L.A.," a Los Angeles county-wide public initiative by artist Fritz Haeg; a performance art video featuring the movement group WIFE; painter John Knuth's unusual practice of getting flies to "paint" on canvas;  the installation and de-installation of Jacob Hashimoto's "Gas Giant" at the MOCA Pacific Design Center; and video game designers Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago known for designing games with emotion. An exclusive interview with new Director of MOCA Philippe Vergne is also featured in this season premiere.

Read more about some of the pieces featured in this episode below:


Wildflowering L.A. with Fritz Haeg

Site 17, Covina, after | Fritz Haeg, "Wildflowering L.A.," 2013-2014. A LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) Exhibition. | Image courtesy of Isabel Avila

Wildflowering L.A. aims to spark people's imaginations about the very nature of the city that we live in, what it could be, and what it used to be.



Decomposed Compositions: John Knuth's Fly Paintings

Photo: Andy Featherston

When painting, L.A. artist John Knuth collaborates with an unusual partner: the humble fly.


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