Artbound Special Episode 'State of Creativity'

In partnership with Otis College of Art and Design: Artbound explores the latest Otis Report on the Creative Economy with online articles and video segments culminating in a broadcast special airing on on KCET.

Using key data from the newest issue of the Otis Report on the Creative Economy, this documentary explores the vibrant network of creativity in Southern California, examining how creative businesses are investing in community building and driving economic activity in Boyle Heights, the network of industries involved in the denim manufacturing of boutique denim firm Buck Mason, the underlying educational network and issues of access to arts education at Inner-City Arts, the triangulation between artist, gallerist, and major museum as seen in the work of renowned artist Charles Gaines and his retrospective at the Hammer Museum, and how innovation and creativity are essential elements in design innovation at JPL and Boeing.

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What Is the Creative Economy?

The creative economy is a vibrant and vital force in Los Angeles. Artbound provides deeper engagement with the Otis Report on the Creative Economy through an editorial series exploring the roots and effects of creativity.



How Arts Education Fuels the Creative Economy

Education, particularly in the arts, will play a pivotal role in preparing students' creative capacities and sustaining a creative economy.



Apparel Design and the Fabric of the Creative Economy

There are more eyes on the L.A. fashion industry than ever before. The industry creates billions of dollars in labor income in L.A. and Orange County.





How Creative Placemaking Plays a Role in the Creative Economy

The concept of "creative placemaking," the integration of a community's artistic and cultural assets in community planning and revitalization, is gaining momentum in places like Boyle Heights.




Southern California's Interconnected Art Ecosystem

With an economic output of $93 million in 2013, L.A. and Orange County's galleries are punching far above their weight when it comes to their economic impact.




How Art, Science, and Technology Interact in Southern California

Over the past few decades, artists and scientists have helped bring focus to the art-science-technology track of Southern California's present creative economy.

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