Artbound Wins Two L.A. Area Emmys in the Categories 'Arts' and 'Feature Segment'

KCET at the 2016 L.A. Area Emmys
KCET at the 2016 L.A. Area Emmy Awards. 

On Saturday, July 23, Artbound was the recipient of two Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards. "The Star Apartments," an 11-minute special on architect Michael Maltzan's $19.3 million Downtown Los Angeles complex, which provides housing to the formerly homeless, won in the category "Feature Segment." "Borderlands," an hour-long documentary that explores arts along the United States-Mexico border, won in the category "Arts."

In total, KCETLink received three statuettes at the 68th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards, which took place at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood, and received 13 nominations -- including eight for its weekly local news magazine, SoCal Connected, and one for best "Short Promo."

Watch Artbound's award-winning documentaries below:

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Feature Segment: "The Star Apartments"

Juan Devis, Executive Producer
Matthew Crotty, Producer
Joris Debeij, Director, Producer, Editor
Nate Hurtsellers, Cinematographer
Bennett Cerf, Cinematographer
Lyra Kilston, Columnist
Drew Tewksbury, Managing Editor
Daniel Medina, Associate Producer
Melody Soto, Social Media Editor
Dan Leonard, Web Video Editor
Maya Santos, Web Video Editor

Arts: "Borderlands" Episode

Juan Devis, Executive Producer
Matthew Crotty, Producer
Bruce Dickson, Producer
Drew Tewksbury, Co-Producer
Daniel Medina, Associate Web Producer
Melody Soto, Social Media Editor
Dan Leonard, Offline Editor
Maya Santos, Offline Editor

Segment: "Mexicali Rose"

Joris Debeij, Director, Editor
Alvaro Parra, Associate Producer
Bennett Cerf, Director of Photography
Marco Vera, Columnist

Segment: "It's A Drone!"

Bruce Dickson, Director, Producer, Director of Photography
Alex Chu, Editor
Rubén Ortiz-Torres, Columnist

Segment: "Under The Green Moon"

Bruce Dickson, Director, Producer, Director of Photography
Alex Chu, Editor
Kim Stringfellow, Columnist

Segment: "Pasajes"

Made by Dignicraft:
Ana Paola Rodriguez
Jose Luis Figueroa
Omar Foglio
David Figueroa
Blanca España
Araceli Blancarte
Misael Diaz, Columnist

Segment: "1984"

Brothers Cram, Directors
Bruce Dickson, Producer, Camera Operator
Alex Chu, Editor
Amy Sanchez, Columnist

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