Artbound Season Two, Episode One

Artbound's second season debut takes you all across Southern California for in-depth stories about art that you won't hear anywhere else.

  • Join a group of artists who venture inside a simulated Middle Eastern city in 29 Palms Marine Base to create plein air drawings of military installations.
  • Then travel north to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa where music professor Craig Russell performs traditional "mission music" to understand the confluence of culture and conflict that collided in the early days of California's statehood.
  • Later, Artbound unveils the wearable art of Victor Wilde, a downtown L.A. fashion designer whose pieces are one of a kind, and adorned with bullets, blowtorches, and jagged knives.
  • In South Los Angeles, meet photographer Mike Miller, who chronicled the rise of West Coast hip hop, photographing iconic images of rappers Tupac, Eazy E, and N.W.A.
  • Capping off the episode is the breezy folk of Carly Ritter -- daughter of the late actor John Ritter -- whose music channels the spirit and the sound of Laurel Canyon.

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Artesanos / Artisans

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MOCA: Beyond The Museum Walls

Artbound explores the programming of the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, investigating new programming and curatorial approaches that are redefining what it means to be a 21st century museum. This episode features three new programs by The Underground Museum, Wolvesmouth, and Public Fiction.

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Third L.A. with Architecture Critic Christopher Hawthorne

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