First Listen: Best Coast Perform New Songs from 'Fade Away'

It's been said that California isn't a place, that it's a philosophy, a way of life that you hold in your heart whether you live here or not. People who haven't been here get caught up in the California spirit, the idea of this place where one has the space to create or be creative, to move or be moved by the landscape and the people who populate it. Around the world, the sound of California isn't the tidal hiss of traffic, the sizzle of bacon-wrapped hotdogs, or the moan of the redwoods creaking in the breeze. Instead, the sound of California is not just one thing, it is a feeling too. For some, California can be felt in reverb-drenched guitar, snare-popping drums, and a voice that cuts through June gloom with a little bit of warmth. The music of Best Coast is a postcard to our state, tipping a hat to the Beach Boys and Laurel Canyon girls, to Orange County punk and that old-school Bakersfield twang.

It's been often written that the band itself is a loveletter to being young in California, but their new EP "Fade Away," moves beyond tales of afternoon angst and boyfriends. Well, mostly. "I Don't Know How" is a swaying prom tune that breaks down into energized guitar chords. "Fade Away," the title track off the new EP released today, digs deep into relationships, and love that has passed its expiration date. Bethany Cosentino's voice becomes the central pillar here, showcasing a very subtle country edge -- that almost undetectable Western cadence that punctuated the voices of Stevie Nicks and perhaps even Kurt Cobain.

The band recently stopped by the KCET studios in Burbank to perform a set of new songs and a few of their hits for an audience of superfans. Tune back in January to see our 30 minute episode showcasing the full set and an in-depth interview with the band.

Best Coast
Best Coast

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