Images and Identity: A Bifurcated Video View

Whitemale vs revelations.

Enclosed are two videos from Freewaves archive that you can watch simultaneously or consecutively, depending on your linear or multifarious mindset. While or after they both play, consider how your brain tries to straddle the two perspectives made by two Jewish male artists, American and Israeli, using words and images.

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Israeli Jewish White Male by Lior Bar shows all the possible permutations of those letters with nearly equal number of identity variations.

While Rorschach Revelations by Aaron Bourget divulges a time lapsed drawing with a very subjective reading of its piecemeal elements.

Bourget's personal selection of linear associations contrasts drastically with Bar's every variation. Media reflects identity as starkly as a mirror.

Lior Bar shows how quickly identity can switch with the transposition of just one letter and how continuously it can evolve. What conclusions do you draw from them? We are each our racial ethnic gender national slipstream? Our subconscious formed in the underworld shapes our perceptions before our encoded bodies can enter the world or even open our eyes?

Could both answers both be right? Art asks the hardest questions. How do you answer them?


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Top Image: Freewaves.

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