Love on San Pedro: Reflecting on the Soul of Skid Row


Cornerstone Theater Company's "Love On San Pedro" is a collaboration with the community of Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles. Inspired by the stories of hundreds of Skid Row residents, playwright James McManus' new work sheds light on a neighborhood where homelessness and poverty are the norm, but a spirit of creativity, activism and determination thrives. Starring both professional actors and over 20 community members, the play was presented November 7-24 at Los Angeles Mission, in the heart of Skid Row .


What kind of impact can theater have on a community? "Love on San Pedro" weaves the personal narratives of Skid Row residents, and week-by-week the producers behind the play have contributed features that not only provide an in-depth look at the aspects of its production, but also detailed profiles of leaders who are creating a social impact in the neighborhood. Touching on themes of creativity, empowerment, and positivity, our roundup of six articles shows that Skid Row is more than it is painted to be.



Love on San Pedro: Skid Row Theater and the 'Invisible' Los Angeles

"Love on San Pedro" is a community production about Skid Row featuring performers from Skid Row.




Love on San Pedro: Meet the Skid Row Community Members

Three actors participating in community play "Love on San Pedro" share stories of life in Skid Row.




Love On San Pedro: Skid Row Community Members Working Toward Change

Meet four individuals who are working towards positive change in the Skid Row community.




Love on San Pedro: Playwright James McManus on Hunger

The playwright behind "Love on San Pedro" explains the inspiration and process behind penning the community collaborative play.




Love on San Pedro: A Cardboard Ecology

The symbolic and physical properties of cardboard play a significant role in the set design of "Love on San Pedro."




Love on San Pedro: A Photographic Journey From Skid Row to the Stage

A photo essay captures a day in the life of actor Olusheyi Banjo, offering a glimpse into a community rendered invisible and largely ignored by much of the broader culture of L.A.

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