Mapping Frank Lloyd Wright's California Landmarks

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Frank Lloyd Wright is the epitome of legendary architect. His outsized personality — and even his personal affairs — have garnered headlines throughout his life. Perhaps no other architect has affected the architectural landscape of the United States as this man, from his Prairie-style homes, Pre-Columbian phase, to his organic Usonian dwellings, his work has rippled throughout time, influencing even contemporary architects and designers such as Michael Beirut, Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler.

His works span all across the United States, but if you can't manage the drive, here are his works up and down the Golden State. See the diversity of his home designs and even a few rare gems such as his only creation in the city of San Francisco (the V.C. Morris Gift Shop), a shopping mall in Los Angeles (Anderton Court Shops) or even a medical clinic in San Luis Obispo (the Kundert Medical Clinic). 

Want to see a Wright in person? Check out the map below: 

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Top Image: Clinton Walker House | Bob Aronson / Wikicommons


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