Founded in 2009, Friends of Friends Music is a diverse network

consisting of artists, record labels, DJs, radio stations, social

media formats, music publications and many other outlets, focused on

emerging talent. Based in Los Angeles, FoF connects acts and imprints

like Shlohmo, Anticon, Daedelus, Salva, DJ /Rupture, Ernest Gonzales /

Mexicans With Guns, Surefire Agency and many others from around the


FoF focuses on modern culture, technology, and modes of social

interaction to share a personal narrative that contextualizes an

artistic vision. It comes down to the music and the people that

contribute to its existence. Whether as fans, artists, or somewhere in

between, the goal is to humanize music and how people experience it,

no matter how electronic it sounds. Know your history and work towards

the future.