About SOC(i)AL: Art + People

A series of discussions around LA about Socially Engaged Art, September to November 2012. Instigated by Anne Bray of


Say passé to the sculpture in the square; the leading edge of public art is changing. Art is passing from isolation, to intervention, to participation, to engagement, to integration.



SOCAL SOCIAL: Art + People is a free, public series of roundtable discussions and weekend events that explores socially engaged art in Southern California from East to West. Join the dialogue with SoCal artists, scholars, activists, and administrators

as we think about socially engaged art in relation to zoning, technology, ethics, food, ritual, performance, gentrification, museums, democracy, nature and art support structures in the here-and-now. Where is our collective dialogic imagination now?



The series of individually produced events takes place at venues across L.A., instigated by Anne Bray as part of, promoted by media partner ForYourArt, interviewed by Sue Bell Yank at Artbound in advance of each event and

summarized there by a different person after each event. As many of the talks as permissible will be audio recorded and posted on Artbound.