Special Episode: Artbound Presents The Works

In the special episode "Artbound Presents The Works: The 60s in the 90s," host Mary Woronov, a former "Warhol superstar," reflects on the cultural discourse of art in Los Angeles in the 1960s, and how it contributed to a renewed cultural arts movement in the 1990s. This episode includes a survey of works by painter/photographer Ed Ruscha; the fashion model Peggy Moffitt; the L.A. writings of Mike Davis and Reyner Banham; the music of thrash band Suicidal Tendencies and 1960s surfer icons The Ventures; and the spoken word of Hittite Empire.



Further Reading on artists featured in this episode:

Reyner Banham Loves the Mojave


British architectural historian/critic Reyner Banham had a thing about deserts --specifically those of the American Southwest and, in particular, the Mojave Desert.



The Photobooks of Ed Ruscha


Critical response to Ed Ruscha's series of mass-produced, ubiquitous artist photobooks has been hostile, but many artists have been inspired by his photobook designs and content for decades.


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